Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting back in the swing of things!

Hello! For those of you who are just joining me in my journey, I am going back to teaching after 5 years of staying at home with my two kids. This fall I will be teaching Pre-K and kindergarten at a small private school. I've taught in this same classroom part-time one other year. I am nervous and excited to be in the classroom again but it is going to be so different this time around while trying to raise two children at the same time! Yikes!

This month I've been really busy getting my classroom decorated and set up. I've been focusing on decluttering and getting bulletin boards ready. I'm going with an owl theme this year and using the colors lime green, blue and brown. I just finished bordering my white boards this week and I actually took one pic before my phone died - bummer! I will be posting more pics soon now that I have all my bulletin boards ready. I tried the double border this year - a little more work but I am SO happy with the results! Ties all my colors in so nicely, can't wait to show you how the others turned out!

This is the white board I will be using for my Meeting Area and displaying my calendar, rules, number line, alphabet chart, birthdays, and weather chart. (and yes, that is my kids' DVD player and no, that is not what they do every time they are with me in the classroom. :) They mostly destroy my classroom. Ha!)

This week I have been putting the finishing touches on my custom planning template that I will use for my half-day program. I wanted to share it with anyone interested in looking! FYI: I teach only a half-day program Monday-Thursday. I will be teaching a brand-new curriculum called Stepping Stones.


Lesson Plan Template


  1. So excited for you Angie! When does school start? I am curious about the class, hrs,days and tuition.....

  2. Thanks for the comment! My first one! :) I will email you about Busy Bees info!

  3. Go you! Can't wait for more pics :)


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